This Is Who I Am…

…a passionate designer of innovative solutions, protegé, mentor, and most importantly I’m a mother.

I started my career within Logistics/Transportation/Supply Chain Management, directly after graduating High School.  Throughout the years I have worked various positions within Global Freight Forwarders; customs brokerage, transportation (air/ocean/motor/rail – internationally and domestic), pricing, sales, and even worked my way up to a position within Corporate.  Along the way I aided and lead exponential growth of Fortune 500 companies, with a global focus, as well as on trade-lane specific routes.  Reflectively, I realize that I have aided assistance to companies that operate, in one way or another, within every continent in the world (excluding Antarctica of course).

Throughout the years, I learned from many wonderful, brilliant, and bright executives across the globe.  While various circumstances have altered the way business has been conducted globally, due to innovation and with globalization initiatives, there is one thing that has remained the same, with me, which is my level of true commitment and customer service. I truly believe in finding solutions, and ensuring systems are in place, to deliver optimal economical processes and services with the most cost efficient pricing available within all global markets.

Years ago, back in 2004-2009, I saw first hand the trickle effect of what a non lean (or semi lean) environment cost several large manufacturers (Fortune 500 guys).  To no surprise, due to various reasons, I also saw many plants close and people being laid off.  What was unfortunate was the amount of monies all companies were spending due to order volume increases, improper planning, communication barriers, etc.  I’ve also been apart of teams whom practiced Six Sigma methods, incorporating into products and service offerings.  The outcome was magnificent!!

It was then that I developed a passion to aid in creating change in which companies operate; aiding in the process of innovation and globalization initiates.  I’ve worked first hand with markets, which helped me understand vast cultures, operating procedures, and market conditions.  By streamlining processes, I’m able to piece the general flow of production, from beginning to end, to collectively define cost efficient programs that aid in cost reduction, most economical practices utilizing substantial synergies for understanding shipping within the trade industry.

In this blog, I will discuss all things focusing on innovation and globalization, because everyone, everywhere should have the ability to standardize markets and create leaner environments at a fraction of the cost…it begins with how business is conducted, the overall scope, from beginning to end of production…

#innovation #globalization #economical #lean


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